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Nolan's Story

Nolan Marshall is 9 years old and lives with his family in St. Joseph, Michigan. On good days, Nolan is like any other “normal” energetic 9-year-old - playing video games with dad, wrestling with his brother, helping his mom in the kitchen or just burning off energy running around doing typical boy things.  But other days are a completely different story. Nolan has professionally diagnosed disorders that have taken over his health and mental wellness. His parents, Dan and Tracy, are constantly seeking long-term solutions to bring him out of this point of crisis and establish balance back into his body, mind, and emotions. As a family, they need our help and support to manage the mounting expenses that are occurring because of his diagnosis and the treatment needed.  These costs due to emergency hospital visits and overnight stays, testing and medication, therapy, extra spending on food and gas, potential unpaid time off work from both Dan and Tracy’s full-time jobs, and more are all adding up very quickly. Helping with these expenses will keep doors open and opportunities available for Nolan to receive the best chance for treatment, leading to wholeness, wellness, and a bright future.

Ways You Can Help

"A Night In"
Dinner Fundraiser

The Marshall Family has incurred significant medical and other expenses related to Nolan's care and needs. If you'd like to help raise funds by hosting a dinner with friends and family in your home, please click here to learn more and sign-up.

Caring Bridge Site

Thank you to everyone who has helped! We are suspending meals for now as Dan & Tracy are managing well enough on their own.

Amazon Wish List

At the request of friends, Dan & Tracy created this page so they can share items that would be helpful for Nolan or are needed to keep their home safe. Feel free to browse items and check back often as the list is always changing.


To make a donation to help alleviate their burden, you can do so via First Baptist Church. Please use this link and select the fund

Love Offering: Marshall Family

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Have questions? Email one of our coordinators:

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