current status

Our church office continues to have reduced hours and Kim is primarily working from home.  If you need to come to the church, please contact her or Pastor Jerry in advance to make sure the building is open. 


communication is important

As the Covid-19 situation continues, it is important to communicate and continue to support each other however we can.  Kim Collins will be working from home as much as possible.  Please do not hesitate to contact her via church email, or by calling/texting her cell  if you have any questions or need assistance (grocery delivery, meals, etc.) during this time.  We have church members ready and willing to help.

be safe

Please be smart in safeguarding yourselves—not only for your sake, but for the sake of others. If you are sick, stay home.

be faithful

Please be financially faithful. Even if you cannot gather with us, please remember that we still have expenses that need to be met.

be prayerful

Please be in prayer for one another and for our nation at large.

worship resumed july 12

We are excited that worship has resumed!  For the most part, the format we have become accustomed to will be the same. However, there will be a few alterations.

For those not ready to return, we will have a live worship stream via Facebook. This means when our service begins in the auditorium, so will the live stream. While we will not present a recorded message as we have been doing during the pandemic, we plan to record and post the service on YouTube and Facebook by Monday afternoon at the latest.


masks are required

To begin with, we are requiring those who wish to attend to wear a mask (or bandana) that covers both their nose and mouth. Face shields are acceptable. This requirement will remain until the end of July. At that time, we will reassess the situation to see if masks are still needed. Our rationale for this requirement has to do with the number of droplets that are discharged during singing. Some data suggests singing expels as much as a sneeze. Believing most would want to be able to sing, we feel masks will restrict the amount of droplet discharge to some degree. It will not eliminate them all, but with distancing, we believe everyone should be safe.

other changes

Offering: We will not be physically collecting the offering in our regular manner of passing a bag. We strongly suggest you continue to give via mail, online, etc. as you have been during the pandemic. We also intend to place a couple of baskets in the rear of the church should one want to place their offering in it each week.

Koinonia:  We will discontinue koinonia for a season as we continue to watch and see how the pandemic progresses. Please be sensitive to this decision. We know many of you have not seen one another for months. Please refrain from physical contact (hugs, kisses, handshakes, etc.) as the individual you are extending them to may not wish to make contact.

Mission Café:  Sadly, we will not re-open the Café at this time.  Like some other things, this will be for a season. It will not be permanent.

Communication: We will not be distributing any printed information (bulletins, prayer cards, kid's coloring pages, etc.). Announcements will run in the foyer and before worship. We will continue to send out as much information as possible electronically (emails, website, Facebook, etc.). Please take advantage of these methods if you want to stay informed.  If you need to be added to our email list, please notify us at

Classes and Small GroupsFor a season, we will not be conducting Sunday School classes or Children’s Worship in person. Our nursery is also closed. As the pandemic diminishes, we will resume these ministries knowing it is safe to do so. Again, this is for a season. It is not permanent. We have resumed small groups for those interested, although many have chosed to break for the summer. Contact your group leader if you have questions.

We'd love to hear from you!

Contact our church office with comments or questions anytime! 

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